One comment on “Bizarre Opening Ceremony: Mary Poppins, Peter Pan & NHS?

  1. Laughable, pathetic, terrible…..yes Preserving Liberty is just that.
    The Olympics was not attempting to inspire Winston Churchill or the Queen, it engaged with and inspired the young people of Britain..
    Yes some of the themes were bizarre, but that reflects the imagination and creativity of British popular culture. I guess you prefer the formulaic dross that eminnates from Hollywood? Expendables 2 will be right up your street.
    The NHS certainly has its problems, I will grant you that. But Britain is at least attempting to give decent care for all of its citizens, irrespective of your ability to pay. And in the main this is exactly what the NHS acheives.
    Having experienced US helthcare at first hand, I can say I was very impressed by the care and professionalism of the staff caring for my wife. But of course this was after my Amex card was pre-authorised….

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